Company Profile

Founded in February of 2017, China2U Business Consultancy is registered and operating in both China and Uganda with the vision to of using trade, technology, cultural exchange. educational and infra-structural projects  to break geographical barriers , defy stereotypes when it comes to Sino-Afro business and create a better understanding of what China truly is by creating a platform that brings the best of China to your fingertips and also paves way for a better understanding of the emerging African market.

Our business style gives clients an East meets Africa customer service experience by incorporating our company values of trust and good quality with cultural elements from the two continents.

Our services:

  1. Provide up to date factual information on investment opportunities in agricultural and infra-structural projects in Uganda and assist in the smooth application and running of them by providing in-house consultation services.
  2. Access to good quality products and services via our online website
  3. Provide an online marketing platform for both small and big companies.
  4. Business consultation services for both small and big businesses that have interest accessing services and products from both the Chinese market or the African market by encouraging import and export of processed or semi-processed goods.
  5. Promotion of cultural exchange by providing Mandarin, English and Luganda online language courses.
  6. Provision of translation  services- Mandarin to English and vice versa.
  7. Provision of customized tour packages to Uganda.
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